SPACE AS PREMONITION

Support the space industry

     TRL GLOBAL FOUNDATION would be funded by the 7.5% highest-rated transactions of all the countries. Out of this amount, 25% will be automatically deducted for research into the peaceful development of space technology, and 5% will go to the TRL Global Charity-fund, whose objective it is to directly support (not through grants) the not-for-profit sector worldwide.

     One of the main tasks of the reallocation of funds in the TRL Global Foundation is fighting global inequality. However, we understand that TRL algorithms affect an incredible number of aspects of life for mankind as a whole, potentially leading to wide-scale changes, including negative effects.

     That is why the leading programme of the TRL Global Foundation is to support the space industry, and it is also dedicated to studying the global changes caused by the emergence of TRL.

     Taking a broad view of the potential global changes which will accompany the introduction of TRL, one of the flagship programmes which the TRL Global Foundation will support is a programme to develop and colonise space. We cannot deny the obvious fact that this planet’s resources are limited, and that, as the financial means of the most impoverished populations increase apace, consumption will also increase, and so will the pollution of our planet. This is why a significant fraction of the TRL Global Foundation & TRL Charity-Fund will be channelled into means of mass colonisation of the Universe and campaigns promoting careful consumption and rational use of products which damage the environment on Earth.

     If your research interests - space, you can write to the TRL team with a request to be included in the preliminary list of advisors to the TRL Association and Community, specifying the special division - Space industry.
     We will be in touch either once the financing programmes for concrete areas of further research are opened.         Applications do not depend on country of residence, citizenship and knowledge of foreign languages (we have a TRL Pro Bono translators community)