The Interests of Partners, who Recognise TRL as a Means of Payment

     The recognition of the TRL crypto-currency as a means of payment opens access to trading platforms to up to
approx. 4.5 billion potential clients (Token of Peace would be distributed free of charge and would be given to every
adult citizen of Earth/the number of TRL users is equal to the number of adult inhabitants of planet) The emission
and circulation of cryptocurrency mass is ensured by an clear and open algorithm, and the generation format of
crypto-currency activity is one of the most humane mechanism in the history of humanity.

     TRL cryptocurrency can be spent on medical and educational services as part of the global TRL Partnership
programme, which accredited medical/educational centres across the world will sign up to. One of the most
important factors behind the way the TRL algorithms work is independent media and non-profit organisations. The
TRL Global Foundation will set aside a significant budget for supporting these organisations across the world.
     Expenses from TRL crypto-wallets are controlled by a transaction filter with the aim of preventing spending on
goods which are categorised as illegal in the TRL distribution country. TRL is based on blockchain, which means that
all operations carried out will be maximally transparent and controlled.
     The Token of Peace will go through several stages of development, the end goal of which is to create an
international cryptocurrency recognised by all countries of the world as a payment system and by the UN as a
measure of Rights and Freedoms.

     Recognised as a payment system TRL at an early stage affords the exclusive opportunity to make your company work globally to achieve goals in the sphere of sustainable development. This is genuine philanthropy, for the good of all humankind.
     As part of the fourth industrial revolution, TRL increases the transparency of the economy and makes it more
predictable. The system does away with questions of class divisions and potential political instability, creating a new