LOVE. FREEDOM. MERCY.

     5% will go to the TRL Global Charity-fund, whose objective it is to directly support (not through grants) the not-for-profit sector worldwide.

     5% of all of TRL Global Foundation's acquisitions will be sent in the form of direct aid to NGOs around the world. The program also touches on organisations that provide assistance to seriously ill people and people in difficult situations, as well as organisations involved in the monitoring and solving of environmental problems.
     It should be noted that considerable funds will be allocated to the promotion of consumer culture, which will grow in many countries after the beginning of the active phase of using TRL funds. For example, a manyfold increase of plastic products would be unacceptable - an equally principal position of one of the co-authors of TRL, as a supporter of Greenpeace.

     Also every citizen receiving an allowance of TRL may voluntarily give

away these accruals (or part thereof) to charity (to prevent the financing

of illegal organisations, all operations are performed through the

TRL Global Foundation, but the patron has the right to specify the desired

organization for funding; to be able to receive TRL as a donation - NGOs

must first submit registration documents to the TRL charity-fund system and

pass the verification and validation checks in compliance with legal

regulations to obtain the status of partner- organization of the TRL charity program)

     One of the most important factors regarding the security of the TRL algorithms is the independence of media outlets. The TRL Global Foundation will give out significant funds in support of independent journalists.

     Given the numerous differences between the richest and poorest countries in the world, the TRL algorithm will have the following rule: Every person who receives the accrual of TRL and is a citizen of one of the states, ranking in the top 35 for rights and liberties (as a rule these are also the richest countries), will have 20% automatically deducted from their TRL benefit for the TRL Local Foundation. These funds are used for the development of the countries, which rank below 99th place for rights and liberties.

     75% of this sum (deducted from those ranking in the top 35 countries) is further distributed by the TRL Charity allowance as donations and grants to NGOs working in countries ranking below 99th place.

                                                                                                  Taking a broad view of the potential global changes which                                                                                                 will accompany the introduction of TRL, one of the flagship                                                                                                 programmes which the TRL Global Foundation (TRL Charity                                                                                                 Fund including) will support is a programme to develop and                                                                                                 colonise space.
                                                                                                     We cannot deny the obvious fact that this planet’s                                                                                                 resources are limited, and that, as the financial means of the                                                                                                 most impoverished populations increase apace, consumption                                                                                                 will also increase, and so will the pollution of our planet.
                                                                                                     This is why a significant fraction of the TRL Charity Fund will                                                                                                 be channelled into means of mass colonisation of the Universe                                                                                                 and campaigns promoting careful consumption and rational                                                                                                 use of products which damage the environment on Earth.

TRL Charity-fund. Global charity organisation.