TRL Global Movement

 We are creation of an international coalition of rights defenders, journalists, economists, thinkers and IT specialists in order to generate social mechanism to promote implementation of human rights and freedoms adherence principles based on impact / social investing and economics algorithms 4.0 with Unconditional Global Basic Income.
     But we are inviting all to join our efforts in implementing cutting edge technologies in order to promote human rights and freedoms all over the world.
     Creating first and foremost a social mechanism, and that is what we need to talk about. The 21st century is a century in which mankind must improve social rather than military technology. What makes our project stand out is the incredible level of support that volunteers across the world are willing to show. 
In an age of extraordinary innovation, we know that solutions to the world’s biggest challenges are best achieved when everyone contributes, and many minds working together will always result in a better outcome. There are many ways to help the Token of Peace:

Volunteer movement “Implementation

     An activist movement taking place in every country in the world; the primary task is to complete and keep the “implementation” table up to date according to the instructions.


Global aim: to maintain up-to-date information for more than 200 countries relating to the following areas

  • The membership of international and regional organisations

  • The fulfilment and/or violation of international treaties at a universal and regional level

  • The national application of ‘Soft Law’ instruments

  • The implementation of recommendations and rulings given by international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, including the committees of UN Treaty Bodies, as well as statements and recommendations made by UN Special Rapporteurs

  • The exact figures for the basic income of every country as per the Token of Peace algorithm

     Human rights advocates and members of civil society in more than 150 countries to fill out the TRL Implementation table for their country. Join them!

Translators Pro Bono Community

     The global aim of the TRL Translators Community: to emulate the success of the most translated document in history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of the quantity of languages it has been translated into.

     See to the global or local coordinator of your language.

TRL Alliance

     Our global research community. The Global improvement of the situation in the accountable areas according to independent accounts, as well as the general increase in TRL Rate not in the short term but in the long term.

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   At this time, it is important for us to understand how you would spend your TRL income. Choose the country citizenship where you have been residing in the last twenty years (the longest time)



     If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know your area of interest, education qualifications and skills of availability in the volunteering form below.