Fund structure

Organizational Structure of the TRL Global Movement Team

1) Translators Pro Bono Community (PBC)

  • 2 PBC directors + assistants

  • 14 “Global Language Coordinators” + assistants. GLCs are responsible for working with translators across the world.

  • ~80-200 “Local Language Coordinators”


The global aim of the TRL Translators Community: to emulate the success of the most translated
document in history, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in terms of the quantity of languages it
has been translated into.

2) Volunteer movement “Implementation”

   5 Global Coordinators

  • United Nations (Global)

  • Europe: Council of Europe (European Court of Human Rights)

  • The Americas: Organization of American States (the inter-American system for the protection of human rights) 

  • Africa: African Union (African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights)

  • Asia and the Pacific including Western Asia


  15 Regional line facilitators:

  • United Nations (regional) (4)

  • International treaties at the universal level (4)

  • International treaties at the regional level (3)

  • National application of ‘Soft Law’ instruments (4)


   200+ Local Coordinators in every country


Global aim: to maintain up-to-date information for more than 200 countries relating to the following areas

  • The membership of international and regional organizations

  • The fulfilment and/or violation of international treaties at a universal and regional level

  • The national application of ‘Soft Law’ instruments

  • The implementation of recommendations and rulings given by international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, including the committees of UN Treaty Bodies, as well as statements and recommendations made by UN Special Rapporteurs

The exact figures for the basic income of every country as per the Token of Peace algorithms

3) TRL Alliance: Global Research Community

  • 3 coordinators + assistants in the following departments: Humanism; Rights and Liberties; Economics

  • 12 Association Coordinators [focusing on religion, gender and racial equality; global inequality and poverty; migration; civic engagement; journalists & activists; Economy 4.0]

  • 4 Special Department Coordinators: Space Industry; Medicine (Health Care); Education; Demography


Performance evaluation criteria:

  1. Tracking and analyzing major changes (including negative consequences) to aspects of life for all humanity due to the emergence of the TRL algorithms

  2. The global improvement of the situation in the accountable areas according to independent reports, as well as the overall increase in TRL Rate, not in the short term, but in the long term.


     Within the framework of the TRL MOU, preliminary agreements are made between the TRL Global Foundation and partners, who share the values of humanism and rights and freedoms, as well as the implementation and development of Economics 4.0

     The directors of the various TRL Alliance departments assist in concluding memorandums with those organizations that work within their spheres of responsibility.

The Global Formation and Movement of TRL


     Any expenditure from TRL crypto-wallets will be controlled by a transaction filter with the aim of preventing spending on goods which are categorised as illegal within the TRL distribution country. A pool of company-partners, who accept TRL as a means of payment, will also be created. We hope that this will help the entire blockchain industry to conquer the world at a faster rate.

CITADEL TRL. Distribution and analysis centre.

The Parameters Defining the Fluctuations in Price and Payments of TRL

1) A universal, long term parameter, which participates in the formation of the main body of TRL. The determining values when forming the main body of TRL are those given by the world’s leading human rights organisations.
2) The second parameter reacts LIVE to a change in the situation with rights and liberties in a regime and provides flexible, short term effect. This is essential for an instantaneous solution to and in order to put pressure on illegal actions against more vulnerable groups of specialists in the countries in which they are the least protected.
In the LIVE-regime an algorithm for the analysis of news, which promptly appears on the partners’ news resources, will be employed.


The Global Influence of TRL.

     The unconditional base income paid in cryptocurrency TRL is based on the average monthly wage (net) and the level of rights and liberties. The accrual (otherwise fixed price change) of cryptocurrency TRL is produced on the basis of the following value: 40% of the official average monthly wage in the country distributing TRL. The inclusion of citizens' income from TRL in statistical data of the average monthly wage is prohibited.
     Given the numerous differences between the richest and poorest countries in the world, the TRL algorithm will have the following rule: Every person who receives the accrual of TRL and is a citizen of one of the states, ranking in the top 35 for rights and liberties (as a rule these are also the richest countries), will have 20% automatically deducted from their TRL benefit for the TRL charity allowance. These funds are used for the development of the countries, which rank below 99th place for rights and liberties. 75% of this sum (deducted from those ranking in the top 35 countries TRL 

Index (!!! preparing changes !!!) is further distributed by the TRL Charity allowance as donations and grants to NGOs working in countries ranking below 99th place. All transactions are via blockchain, information regarding the amount and recipient is publicly available.


     Also every citizen receiving an allowance of TRL may voluntarily give away these accruals (or part thereof) to charity (to prevent the financing of illegal organisations, all operations are performed through the TRL Global Foundation, but the patron has the right to specify the desired organization for funding; to be able to receive TRL as a donation - NGOs must first submit registration documents to the TRL charity-fund system and pass the verification and validation checks in compliance with legal regulations to obtain the status of partner- organization of the TRL charity program)

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