People sacrifice their time and expertise to the Idea, finding it so relevant to themselves personally and to everyone else as a whole.

     We, in turn, follow the principle of maximum openness. That is why you can find instructions for each of our directions in the public domain. 

     Organisational structure

  • 3 coordinators + assistants in the following departments: Humanism; Rights and Liberties; Economics

  • 12 Association Coordinators [focusing on religion, gender and racial equality; global inequality and poverty; migration; civic engagement; journalists & activists; Economy 4.0]

  • 4 Special Department Coordinators: Space Industry; Medicine (Health Care); Global Education; Demography

     Performance evaluation criteria:

  1. Tracking and analyzing major changes (including negative consequences) to aspects of life for all humanity due to the emergence of the TRL algorithms

  2. The global improvement of the situation in the accountable areas according to independent reports, as well as the overall increase in TRL Rate, not in the short term, but in the long term.

    We will be in touch either once the development of the Token of Peace algorithms begins, or once the financing programmes* for concrete areas of further research are opened. Applications do not depend on country of residence, citizenship and knowledge of foreign languages.

*Programmes financing shall apply from the date when limits of the guaranteed redemption of the token are established at the expense of currency reserves of the Issuer (TRL Global Foundation) and the status of “token utility” is obtained, according to the classification adopted by regulators in the United States and/or Singapore


​*Any funding programmes and other allocation of funds from the TRL Reserve Fund agrees without fail to the CFO, and are also developed in cooperation with representatives of other areas, as well as the finance department; it is categorically forbidden to list the GONGO organisations that are providing funding

     The TRL project is based on a big Idea that solves a lot of problems in a phenomenal interdisciplinary way. This gives everyone hope that there will be changes for the better, with solutions to urgent problems that lie on the surface, and solutions to problems that are not obvious, but that affect everyone. Almost all these problems are beyond the scope of time, they existed a thousand years ago, and they are still acute today.