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TRL is an Dormant Global Basic Income UN


     It is paid to every citizen irrespective of any benefits and income levels. Indicators that have an impact on the amount you will be receiving at the end of the month are linked to your compliance with rights and liberties within your country.

     In the initial stages we are using the data from universally recognized organisations that are experts

within their field. Each organisation* presents comprehensive information for deciphering the indicator.


TRL is an social global mechanism for UN


    Our mission is to create a global instrument for the UN through which each person will understand the value of their rights and liberties and will be motivated to influence those important indicators in their country and their village. TRL is a widely available mechanism that does not have a private management centre or a decision-making centre. This project does not have an owner or a small group of people who make all the decisions on behalf of    everyone.

     Self-regulating mechanism in the area of human rights, liberties and ecology TRL/UN uses a unique index and an algorithm with the aim of reflecting the level of actual realisation of accepted international commitments and obligations in the field of human rights and environmental protection as well as for adherence to new international treaties to provide a higher level of protection for individuals at a domestic level. This has a direct impact on the basic income received by citizens of every country.

     One of the most important goals of ‘TRL Implementation’ is to reflect the level of progress made with regards to recommendations and decisions made by international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, including committees of the UN Treaty bodies, as well as reports and recommendations made by UN Special Rapporteurs.

    Goal 2020-2025 – TRL is examined and recognised by the UN as a fundamental instrument for the defence of rights and freedoms throughout the World


 *opensource/open data/open content material was gathered and analysed (the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest (e.g., the tracking of human rights violations)


TRL ALLIANCE - global research community

     If your research interests align with one or more of the points of the TRL Alliance, you can inform to the TRL team with a request to be included in the preliminary list of advisors to the TRL Association and Community (Humanism; Rights & Liberties; Economics), specifying the Activity line and association that you are interested in.

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TRL Alliance. Humanism

Association and community

  • Religion, gender and racial equality

  • Global inequality and poverty

  • Migration


TRL Alliance. Rights & Liberties

Association and community

  • Human Rights

  • Implementation

  • Protection of journalists and activists

  • Funding for NCO's & independent media

  • Civic engagement & Anti-repressive mechanism

TRL Alliance. Economics

Association and community

  • Social/impact investing

  • Unconditional global basic income

  • Blockchain and crypto

  • Economy 4.0

TRL Pro Bono Publico


    The strategy at the first stage of TRL is built exclusively on the voluntary and unpaid participation of all sides on the strength of conviction in the necessity of such a project.

     One of the main messages of support for such projects is the sense of humanity, which lives in every one of us.

    Use the "TRL open licenses" system & JOIN US 

  •  Independent scientist / Researcher 

  •  International Volunteer 

  •  Pro Bono Translators 



     We have compiled a list of areas that are positively affected by a social UBI, and we do not know any person who would not identify with own interests on this list. This is a story about people from all professions, countries and continents, of all religions and skin colours... the list is endless and has everything in it. And you are also part of this story; as well as your children, friends, relatives and anyone else close to you. Our team - Humanity.

    Many of our advisers and volunteers see their own understanding of the world reflected in one or more of the areas on which TRL will have a positive global impact, and this is the source of their motivation to collaborate with us. There are many ways to help the TRL Community






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